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Top 5 Crypto Players in the Commerce Industry

Commerce industry includes various social activities related to the distribution of goods and services in a wide range of spheres and all over the world, including distribution on a larger scale. Exchanging of views, manners and ideas or signing a contract in the process of executing business plans and activities are only a few examples of commerce-related activities.

Relations in this industry are closely linked with the legal, economical, social, political and technological rules and characteristics in each country and on a global level. Advertisement, real estate, commodities, transport, travel & tourism, and recruitment are part of the commerce industry.

Commerce industry, a Category of COINdex, represents Top 5 players in this business field. In the Crypto Coin Index Top 5 the single unit value of each coin and its total supply are connected to the number of cryptos in circulation by using the following formula:


Index Value = Σ Pi * Qi


To assure the most accurate data, values of the reflected market state and activity are reviewed once a month. Also, fluctuations of the coins’ supply are calculated in the net worth of each virtual currency.

Index value t-1 = Index value t

The COINdex Commerce Category has several Sub Categories. All tokens and coins related to these sub industries are part of the Commerce Category.



  • $ bn total cap
  • $ bn 24hr trading volume
  • % of all market cap