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Top 5 Crypto Players in Data and Hardware Industry

Data and hardware industry collects and translates diverse characters in order to be used for a specific purpose. The industry is closely related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain, mainly mining process.

Mining occurs during the transaction verifying when new blocks are added to the blockchain. Thus, the process is an essential part of the crypto world because it supports the overall stability of the system.

Data and hardware industry includes all activities related to the preservation of various types of information in a computer storage, or hardware, in the form of numbers or bytes, that can be displayed through logical operations thanks to the CPU power. The efficient functionality of the entire blockchain network depends on the right mining software and the successful data storage of the transaction`s records.

Data and hardware industry is a COINDex Category. The Crypto Coin Index represents the Top 5 players in this business field. The Index is calculated based upon the market capitalization of each currency (Pi) and their respective supply (Qi), compared against the number of circulating in the economy coins (Divisor).


Index Value = Σ Pi * Qi


To assure the most accurate data, the Crypto Coin Index is calculated on a monthly base and reflects the recent market capitalization and trading volume because they directly influence the virtual currency liquidity.

Index value t-1 = Index value t


The COINdex Data and Hardware Category has several Sub Categories. All tokens and coins related to these sub industries are part of the Data and Hardware Category.



  • $ bn total cap
  • $ bn 24hr trading volume
  • % of all market cap