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Index Category with Top 5 Healthcare-related Cryptocurrencies

Quality, results, and costs are the key priorities in the Healthcare industry, which includes such areas as manufacturing of medical equipment and remedies, healthcare services, medical insurances and more. In the 21st century, medical-related enterprises explore various technologies for improving overall health condition of the population worldwide.

Blockchain is one of these technologies because it has the power to resolve some of the main problems in the healthcare industry. The technology behind cryptocurrency is able to lower the cost, faster administrative work and bring more security. These characteristics becomes much more important in the digital era where medical-related enterprises constantly search new way for cost-efficient and patient-centered services.

COINdex created the Healthcare Index Category because of blockchain capacity and possibilities to bring significant changes in the medical industry. This Category represents the Top 5 healthcare-related cryptocurrencies and includes ranking assets by market capitalization.

COINdex's formula calculates the value of a single unit multiplied by the total supply currently in the economy and compared it to the amount of circulating digital coins:


Index Value = Σ Pi * Qi


The order of the CryptoCoin index can be changed because the performance of every virtual currency is estimated on a monthly basis.

Index value t-1 = Index value t



  • $ bn total cap
  • $ bn 24hr trading volume
  • % of all market cap