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About Utilities & Logistic Index


Top 5 Crypto Assets in Utilities & Logistics Industry

Utilities and logistics industry is related to coordination and movement of resources, physical and digital, that occurs from one storage location to another. Thus, the industry directly affects the demand volumes and price`s levels and influence satisfactory levels received from a certain good or service.

Utilities and logistics industry is closely linked with blockchain because supply, logistics, communication, energy and utilities play important role for the development of crypto assets.

Utilities and logistics industry, a COINdex Category, represents the Top 5 assets. The Crypto Coin Index`s formula includes the market capitalization of each currency (Pi) and their respective supply (Qi), compared against the number of circulating in the economy coins (Divisor).


Index Value = Σ Pi * Qi


To assure the most accurate data, the Crypto Coin Index reflects the net worth of every virtual coin and makes monthly changes, based on that performance. Also, the Top 5 assets vary in accordance with their market capitalization level within a certain timeframe.

Index value t-1 = Index value t


The COINdex Utilities and logistics Category has several Sub Categories. All tokens and coins related to these sub industries are part of the Utilities and Logistics Category.



  • $ bn total cap
  • $ bn 24hr trading volume
  • % of all market cap